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Lou Rawls' 1989 At Last album reached #1 on the jazz chart and brought a Grammy nomination for Best Jazz Vocal. This made Rawls one of the rare artists to earn Grammy nods in Pop, Jazz and R&B, not mention Children's.

Lou Rawls is heard singing background on a number of Sam Cooke '60s classics, including 1962's Bring It On Home To Me. Lou is pictured here with Sam early on in both their careers.



At one point, Lou accomplished the almost unheard of acheivement of having five albums on the charts simultaneously. He is pictured here standing in front of a record display bins of all five albums.



In the Seventies, Lou Rawls reached a pennacle for any singer with his own one-man show on Broadway. In 1999 Rawls was back on Broadway appearing in Smokey Joe's Cafe.

Lou's hit single Wind Beneath My Wings reached beyond planet Earth as the first African-American astronaut in space, Lt. Col. Guion Bluford, took the album with him on a 1983 Space Shuttle voyage.

  Lou has released two Chistmas albums still on the market, A Merry Little Christmas (re-released in 1997 by EMI-Capitol Music Special Markets) and Christmas Is The Time (released in 1993 on the Manhattan/Capitol label).  

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